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Nichola Claire Paints
Hand Painted Giftware and Homeware - Based In Tosside

Nichola Claire Craddock lives on a farm near Tosside and, in between raising two busy boys, adds her distinctive paint style to all sorts of beautiful items - from boxes and baubles, to planters and pen pots.

“I’ve been working on a number of commissions lately which I’m really enjoying – British birds and flowers are my favourite things to paint  –  but I’m always keen to explore other subjects if someone has a specific idea in mind."



“I’m constantly on the lookout for new and vintage wooden boxes I can customise, as well as hanging decorations and plant pots, but I’m equally happy for people to provide their own items for me to personalise."

“I’ve always loved to draw and paint, but I’ve only recently branched out into selling my work instead of filling my house with it!"

Nichola Claire Paints - Tiger Plant Pot

“Creating art to sell is still fairly new to me – so I’m interested to hear people’s suggestions and ideas of what they’d like to see me paint next.”

Commissions Welcome! 





Message NicholaClaire.paint on instagram

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