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Mission Room Furniture Resurrection
Furniture restoration and reimagining

My name is Mel Shutes and as

Mission Room Furniture Resurrection, I'm on a mission!  A mission to rescue both loved and unloved antique and vintage furniture.


In giving it a new life, I can restore its original

glow or alternatively reimagine it with anything

from a subtle design twist to something more

unique and visually striking. 

Michelangelo cupboard.jpeg
Steel blue dresser.jpeg

Repair and Restore

Where possible I aim to restore furniture to as close to its original condition as possible without losing its character and its story of use.

Sometimes a piece of furniture might be beyond practical restoration or simply doesn’t work in its original finish, but that doesn’t mean it’s consigned to the skip.


Here, I’ll typically be more radical in reimagining the piece to become a unique statement.

Redesign and Reimagine

I can also explore with you a particular requirement or look that you wish to create

and source furniture before carrying out the make over.

View all stock at my Etsy shop -

or contact me directly for discounted prices.








Name - Mel Shutes

Tel: 07989 350148

Address: Chapel Street, Slaidburn, BB7 3ES


Facebook: Mission Room Furniture Resurrection

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